This book will capture the heroics, drama, and follies of the crews flying C-130s in ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM. Modern C-130 drivers share much in common with their tactical airlift mentors who flew in eras long past. No glory or glamour, only bravery and blissful buffoonery in the face of endless boredom occasionally interrupted by sheer terror…whatever the source. We are brothers and sisters with those of Burma, Normandy, Berlin, Korea, and Vietnam.

Herkaholics Anonymous is asking all Herk crew dogs to take some time and share your story to make this book come alive.


The knock at the door awoke me from a dead sleep. The red glow of the clock atop my field desk read 2:37. My heart sank instantly, preceded only by my thoughts. So this is how it goes when you lose a crew? ......

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